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Bridgeport mill wiring 3 phase

Post a Comment. I chose the Emerson Commander SK because of it's power and flexibility. With a V 1 phase input you can go up to 3HP.

My mill is only 1 HP and an easy fit.

Bridgeport Mill Wiring and FIRST RUN!

I decided to control my mill with the existing barrel switch plus a potentiometer for speed adjustment. I purchased a 10K bourns potentiometer. It also has a dial which shows it's position between I used a piece of Cat6 cable and soldered the pot in. The cat6 is 23 AWG with the added benefit of a plastic spine to keep the wire rigid. The potentiometer has 3 tabs. Ground, power and the output. With a voltage applied you'll see a variable voltage output to translate to the adjustable speed.

Bridgeport Mill 3 Phase - How to power?

At the motor I disconnect the barrel switch and directly connect the motor. I used a screw to connect the terminals and covered in heat shrink tubing. Next I used 3 other conductors from the cat6 to connect to the switch. Notice the soldered wires that reverse the 3 phase motor. When wiring your motor into the VFD, if it goes the wrong direction, you just switch two of the wires to reverse direction.

Pin 3 goes to GND. Pin 7 goes to B.

Milling Machine Part Forward Reverse Switch for 3 Phase Motor

With CTsoft connected to the drive I can to an autotune, run through the initial installation wizard, etc.Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website. For the best site experience please disable your AdBlocker. Home What's new Latest activity Authors. Photo Gallery New media New comments.

bridgeport mill wiring 3 phase

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bridgeport mill wiring 3 phase

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Bridgeport Voltage 3 phase to single phase. Thread starter Dadgumit Start date Oct 1, Dadgumit Registered Registered. Joined Sep 14, Messages I have my first Bridgeport mill it is a 1hp 9x36 table.

Used bridgeport mill

I have heard a bunch of ways!! Thanks Dadgumit. Joined Mar 3, Messages 1, A VFD would give you the ability to run your 3 phase machine on single phase at full power. It will also give you variable speed, overload protection and low voltage control replaces a magnetic starter. If you have more than one 3 phase machine you might consider buying or building a rotary phase converter.

This will give you full power but it will NOT give you variable speed. The 3rd and least desirable is a static phase converter. These were common before low cost VFD's became available but I don't see much reason to go that route anymore. JimDawson Global Moderator Staff member.

H-M Platinum Supporter. Joined Feb 8, Messages 9, Joined Nov 9, Messages Works great. Joined Jul 5, Messages 1, It's so nice just to reach up and change the speed by turning a knob. So plus one more vote for a VFD.

bridgeport mill wiring 3 phase

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Wiring diagram for adcock and shipley Bridgeport Mill jhead - Can someone help? Thread starter Stent Start date Dec 21, Stent Registered Registered. Joined Sep 8, Messages Hi, I am in the process of rebuilding the above Mill.

The wiring and electrical switches and controls are shot. I was wondering if some knowledgable guy could assist me sorting out the wiring to include a phase converter from single to three phase. The previous owner tried to rewire it lost interest and dumped the mill so I picked it up real cheap. I have completed the rebuild as far as the other hardware is concerned, replaced bearings etc.

The two remaining issues are the scraping of the way' s and the said electrical work and wiring and obviously the cosmetic stuff. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. Joined Aug 7, Messages Technical details and information subject to amendm All prices are exclusive of VAT w YOM Select Country USA United Kingdom Germany 6.

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Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Tags: None. You can do this one of two ways. Replace the motor. Ask when you inquire into it. Normally a unit wil give you full variable speed and many models offer torque boost and increased speeds as well.

Worth considering. Comment Post Cancel. I think the way I want to go is a new motor,the problem is I can not find a single phase motor. It is aty-4 frame and I have not had any luck locating one. I did find a referance in the home shop machinist archives to a article in the december issue written by schultz on page 40 that could be what I am looking for but I have not had time to check it out,if anyone knows of this article maybe they can reply,and I can persue it further.

Seriously consider the VFD route. It probably won't be that much more expensive than a new motor, and I think you'll really like the variable-speed capability. Don't own anything you have to feed or paint.

Got a Teco-Westinghouse FM fluxmaster,but have been told it only works on 3 phase and is more or less a speed control not a phase converter,it is listed as a frequency inverter not a phase converter. DO NOT waste your time and money and motors on so called "static" converters which are nothing more starting circuits which cut out at running and leave your 3 phase motor trying to develop rated power from single phase input burn out time here.

There are many designs for these. The good ones use electrolytic motor starting capacitors to start the idler motor and oil filled running caps. Purchased converters are all overpriced and many do not have the proper electrical circuits in order to save costs. Stay away from VFD INVERTERS unless you are in to electrical engineering because although they are excellent drives they are expensive and complicated to buy, set up and run requiring lots of electrical circuits for there proper use.

Two single-phase V wires and a ground going in from the house supply, three 3-phase wires and a ground out to the motor.

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That's all that are required. You might want to add 3 light-weight, signal-type wires to a remote FWD-STOP-REV switch and 3 more to a remote speed control potentiometer, but they are just added convenience rather than necessary.

They can also be operated easily from a front-mounted numerical keypad. The only trick is that you will need to double the power rating of the VFD you need to get if you are using single-phase input rather than 3-phase input.Privacy Policy. Basic Machine Base. Leadscrew Assembly. Quill Housing Assembly. Variable Speed Back Gear Assembly 1. Variable Speed Front Gear Assembly 1. Gear Housing Assembly - 4HP.

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Lathe Systems. Grinder Systems. Readout Boxes. Power Drawbars.I am relativly new to model engineering and have recently acquired a Bridgeport Mill 1j head, from the serial it appears to be made around I maybe wrong though. But v or v? I have taken the motor off the mill and it appears to be dual voltage. I have read about STAR and Delta mode but this is where I cannot work out what to do with this motor, if indeed these modes apply to this kind of motor.

I had hoped to include some images to illustrate my questions of the motor, drum switch and mill from my album, but cannot work out how yet.

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Rob, to get your pics from the album on to here, look at the top line of the reply box, second from the right end is a black camera, click on that and your album will appear. Hi Rob, To see if it is easy to change the motor from volts Star configuration to volts Delta configuration we would need to see a picture of the connection box on the motor.

I would expect to see 6 terminals Plus an earth terminal. If it is configured for volts I would expect to see three of these terminals linked together and the three others going to the reversing swtch.

To insert a picture from your album click on the camera button on the top line of buttons above the box where you type the text of your message. You then select the picture from your photo album. The drum switch WILL NOT be connected between the motor and inverter but it could be used to switch the control signals to the inverter Probably 12 or 24 volts to reverse the motor. Rob are you anywhere near Reading Berkshire? If you are your welcome to come to talk with me re the BP wiring and control.

Or PM me for my phone number. I've had to do the same thing. There is a helpful thread about how to post pictures; cunningly concealed here. You do have the right sort of motor to be able to change it. The change has to be made on the motor itself. Where the cable goes in, there is usually a small plate held on by a couple of screws.

Take it off and you will find a number of terminals, linked with small links with two holes in them so they just fit over the terminals. Now, with luck there will be a diagram on the back of the cover or inside showing how the links should be connected for star and delta mode.


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